We’re still going strong

September 10, 2010

In case you have wondered where we have been, we have been hard at work on various projects.That has kept us rather busy.
We also now have our own Facebook page where you can be kept updated on all the new, wonderful things that we have coming your way.The link is in our Blogroll on the right

Here’s a selection of some of the new goodies that we have in store for you at our Cafepress online shop Obsisian Obilque

Spin-Offs and Suchlike

March 30, 2010

In a bold move of marketing, where there is no interest and no sale, we have already launched our first piece of franchising… is this post-modern or what?… nip over to Terra Incognita from the box on the right and see the fictional world being woven around the images. A bit. Sort of.

Zombie Funk’s just got a bit more funky

March 27, 2010
  1. Righty o siblings, Here’s a taste of one of our finished designs for our Zombie Funk range. As you can see it’s a much more  striking image then our earlier draft version. It’s early days yet and we are in uncharted waters but we are ploughing forward at full steam with various images being added daily to our Cafepress shop and even if we do say ourselves, our storefront is starting to look very eye catching. So if you ever craved to see Aliester Crowley’s face printed on a thong ( unfortunately I probably know some rather unsavoury people who would go weak at the knees at that thought ) or simply can’t live another moment without owning a huge 25inch psychedelic poster then head over to our store Obsidian oblique. They dance to the beat, pity we can't say the same about their hearts

So you say you want a Revolution?

March 26, 2010

Comrades! While you are manning the barricades, or storming the Winter Palace, are you worried by what the other revolutionaries are saying behind your back  about your old-fashioned and shabby apparel?  Imagine the embarrassment when you finally take control of the Telephone exchange and you are worse dressed then the enemy solders, or henious still, when you have finally forced your way into the hated Generalissimo’s last redoubt you find that you are wearing the same outfit as him. Oh the shame!

Well here at Obsidian Oblique we to share your concerns for a fair and just world and most importantly looking absolutely fabulous in the new workers Utopia.Our special range of The New State sanctioned permitted clothing is just what you are looking for.Durable and of fine quality, exactly what you want as you work 14 hours a day in the New State controlled collectivized factory.

The New Leader insists that you will buy the approved  range of Revolutionary fashion and not the Fashion ranges of other counter-revolutionary crypto fascist cadres who seek to undermine the success of The Struggle. Do not upset the New Leader by wearing other less inferior bourgeoisie decadent clothes. You don’t want to hear that knocking on the door in the middle of the night do you? Remember what happened to Mr Jenkins down the road when he wore those Yankee blue jeans….such a shame…..You know they never found his head…….or his belly button, strange that. He had a  wonderful, caring family, lovely looking woman his Edna, two smashing kids, ..they disappeared soon after y’know….nasty business….


March 17, 2010

but what do I know

Well, capitalism and the need to pay broadband bills comes to us all, and so we’ve finally got it together enough to start making some of the designs available for purchase on a variety of products via our shop on Cafe Press (see the link to your right), cunningly called Obsidian Oblique (smart we are, oh yes…).

Eventually, all our work will be in there, and anything else from now on as well. So don’t delay, consume today. Well, what else are you going to do with your cash? Buy someone else’s stuff? Don’t make me laugh…

Madge’s Collectible Badges

March 1, 2010

 Well, it’s a range of badges and we think they are rather good,

So keep an eye for the update in a few days

Link coming soon

Post Cards From The Edge

March 1, 2010

More goodies for you my chums. communicate the old-fashioned way with our delectable range of   postcards from the other worlds.

Here at Obsidian Oblique we are pleased to inform you our old friend Paul Day is onboard with us .Once upon a time, back in the dark ,oppressive days of Maggie, Mr Day was in the 80’s london cult band The History of Gardening, who amongst their many, many members were Matt Kingston from Bunty Chunks and Cindy Talk. They giged around London for years with The old Anarcho Punk band The Assassins of Hope ,who as the years progressed morphed into Swine (a strange hybrid combination of the Pink Fairies, The Ruts and Motorhead ).For years they both played mainly free gigs and charity events to a bemused audience of Hell’S Angels ,Bikers, Punks, Hippies, squatters and passers bys who had wandered in by accident to get out of the rain. Sometimes people even enjoyed them.

Anyway before I drift down memory lane Paul drifted into art ,got a degree from Chelsea arts and after all those years of study ,is now skint , unemployed and a Leyton Orient fan. So he’s as desperate for cash as the lot of us  hence his  fine art can now be found within our shop at Cafepress. Paul’s a nice chap and if he starves to death it’s all  your fault for not buying anything.

Do the decent thing and buy a few of his whares……and lots of our’s while you are at it.

Cheers chums.

Because There’s more to being Dead Then Just Eating Brains!

March 1, 2010

That thudding on the coffin means the dead are a rocking!…..

Annoucing a new range of dead ,fab gear that will improve the sartorial elegance of any ol’ corpse. Bring some new life to your rotting cadaver with every walking  undead’s favourite brand of fashion….FUNKY ZOMBIE

Link coming in the next few days,

Keep an eye on this page for details and get that checkbook ready,

Or we will tell the  Zombies know where you live.

TI = Terra Incognita

January 14, 2010

So, you may be wondering what the TI prefix on the preceeding post is all about. Well, my tiny chums, it stands for Terra Incognita (as you may have gathered from the heading?!). This is the concept that ties together the images into a world… the last vestiges, in fact, of a forgotten world where the ambrosial arcadian realms allow the realisation of a dream state in an altered reality… or something…

Some developments??

January 9, 2010

Ok, so here’s what’s been happening in the long silence. Basically, we didn’t do anything with Bathroom Wall as we got sidetracked and Alex got fed up with hanging about. And I don’t blame him, for one. Sorry Alex.

 Meanwhile, with lots of stuff now out of the way, we’re starting over. A possible LP cover for a name space rock band, and the possibility of working with a major company on repackages and innovative new ways of presenting old stuff.

And we’re setting up the material to make all this available on a Cafe Press shop. More on that later… It could be a fun  year.

Most important of all, we’re changing the name from Halcyon Dayze to Obsidian Oblique, as this kinda sums us up… if you see what I mean…

Keep watching the skies…